Massive 3,800-Year-Old Fortress Uncovered in City of David

Massive 3,800-Year-Old Fortress Uncovered in City of David -- The excavation of the Spring House fortress, conquered by King David, and where King Solomon was crowned, took 15 years. The biggest fortress ever uncovered in Israel from the pre-Herod period was inaugurated in March 2014 in a secret ceremony. The fortress, that was built some 3,800 years ago, was uncovered during a 15-year archeological dig in the City of David, one of the most complex and unique digs ever done in Israel.

100 Years Since Start of World War One

Today, 4 August 2014, is a few days after 28 July, 100 years since the start of the First World War, also known, at the time, as the Great War, and as the second Thirty Years War.
So who started it and why?

The man with the £10 note

The man with the £10 note who expected the impossible on a London bus

Burdock Root

A summary of how good burdock root is in healing. From a post on Facebook.

Thoughts on Beating Cancer

A friend recently got cancer, so what does one do to beat the cancer?

Lessons from Noah’s Ark

Some lessons from Noah’s Ark.

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